Significance of Investing in the U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve recently announced the launch of their new Direct Response Television Show ‘The 2016 Gold Summits’. The U.S. Money Reserve is a leading global private foreign government and the United States Distributor of platinum, silver, and gold legal tender products. The new show runs for 20 minutes and will take place at the Gold Summit of 2016 in California.

The show’s program includes a speech from the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, where he will educate the audience about the importance and rights of owning gold. His speech will be followed by three panelists who shall speak about the volatility of financial markets, the importance of possessing US government precious stones, the dollar, various global occurrences that affect the gold market, and the buying power of the precious stones.

An oversight of the shows program

The three panelists gracing the stage includes; John Rothans, the U.S. Money Reserve Numismatist, the former Vice President of The U.S. Money Reserve Brad Castillo, and the president of Industry Council for Tangible Assets and the of the U.S. Money Reserve Philip Diehl. Larry King will be the panelists’ moderator as they evaluate the critical topics on the precious metals. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-president-philip-diehl-130000375.html

The long business relationship with Michael Regan and Larry King and the good working relationships between the two legends will to ensure a successful, timely, and unique program launch. It will make a lot sense that how to fix a broken marriage the new show is expected to hit selected media outlets across the United States a week after the launch.

The U.S. Money Reserve

It was founded in 2011 by gold industry veterans. They wanted to create an exceptional platform by combining expert market experience, top notch client service, and informative purchase guidance.

The U.S. Money Reserve works with hundreds of customers who value the financial benefit of owning the metals. The customers seek to diversify their assets with the precious metals in the form of the US Silver or gold coins.

The enterprise has a team of professionally trained coin numismatics and researchers. They have a tremendous market expertise to get products with the highest potential for the gold and silver buyers at all levels.

U.S. Money Reserve provides superior customer services creating a long lasting relationship with every client in contact. The customers have complete trust in the company’s ability to find coins with highest values hence they can make wise purchases and remain profitable. The company is headquartered in Austin Texas.

Hussain Sajwani Learned Early To Work Hard

When Hussain Sajwani was growing up his entrepreneurial father made him work long hours after school in the family variety store, where Chinese imports, office products and gifts were sold. Sajwani swore that the would never go into business for himself, but that he would go to university, get a degree, and work regular hours as a professional.


He did achieve the receipt of a scholarship to the University of Washington in the United States where he earned an engineering degree. He then went back to his home country of Dubai where he landed a job as an engineer in the oil and gas industry.


Soon, however he ran into opportunities and soon found himself running and operating a company that catered food to the US Army during the Desert Storm wars in Kuwait and Iraq, where he was very successful financially.


In 2002, Sajwnai formed DAMAC Properties in anticipation of the UAE allowing foreign nationals to immigrate permanently to the UAE. Armed with that information the DAMAC owner begin building apartment projects in order to capitalize on what he considered to be a coming real estate boom. And he was not wrong, as he sold out completely his first project before the construction was even started.


Sajwani’s unique marketing methods got lots of attention and were instrumental in getting people to look at and purchase his properties. Slogan’s such as “A Bently With Every Apartment” got lots of attention and sales.


Sajwani has also been very successful because of his conservative business tactics. He always pays cash for his land up front so that there will never be any possibility that he could have any foreclosure. He finances a very small portion of the construction for the same reasons. His properties are always of the very highest quality featuring some of the world’s most renowned architect and interior designers.


He has partnered with Donald Trump by having Trump golf courses designed by Tiger Woods installed in some of his resorts. Hussain Sajwani family members also have key posts in the business. One of his sons is the General Manager of operations. Family members involved in the business assures its stability and longevity.


For updates, follow Hussain Sajwani on Facebook.

Roberto Santiago and Manaira Shopping: The Combination That Creates Business Growth

Roberto Santiago is one of the many leaders today who can offer the best services and programs to the world. In the age and market economy today, one leader stands out, and that is the businessman Roberto Santiago. There are so many articles you can read about Roberto today, but the one that stands one is the one from Exam Abril where it is reported that under Roberto Santiago’s leadership, the shopping centers in Joao Pessoa are not affected by the crisis in the shipping industry in the country.


Manaira Shopping Strength

There’s so much stuff going on in the economy in Brazil, and because the shopping industry in the country grew to around 6.5% in 2015, more changes will be expected from Brazil. This is not hard to imagine, knowing that there’s so much progress going on in the country. It is also common knowledge to know that the there’s now about a 150 billion of revenue in the country because of the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce).

You can also expect the same growth in the Paraiba, even amid the economic crisis in the area.


Roberto’s Contribution

It might be tempting to say that most of the 6.5% growth in the shopping industry in 2015 in Brazil has a lot to do with how businessmen like Roberto Santiago have contributed to the industry. However, the situation is more complicated than that. But, there’s no doubt that the Manaira Shopping being handled by Roberto Santiago is held responsible for the



The survey carried out by Abrasce, in partnership with the Urban Studies Group (GEU), is great news for the sector, which thus has more potential for development and innovation, which reflects in the good care given to the public. The census also pointed out that Brazil has 538 shopping centers today and that another 30 are in the final construction process, which shows the strength of the sector.


There were also reports released online about how the strength of the shopping malls today was showing signs of strength and growth. About 1 million people throughout Brazil are also being employed because of Manaira Shopping’s business growth. It may even be safe than in 2015, more than 54 thousand job openings were also released by Manaira shopping because of its successful operations


Another interesting thing that’s happening with Manaira shopping is the fact that its Northeast branch has been successful in becoming one of the largest malls in the region. It’s just behind Southeast Asia as one of the leading malls in the world. Also, it may be of interest for you to know that the State of Paraiba has been improved and has been growing because of the ventures of people like Roberto Santiago.



Aloha Construction Company

Aloha Construction is a general construction company. They are available to assist homeowners living throughout Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company has made efforts that have earned them a great customer satisfaction rate. They value the customers over anything and work hard to satisfy them. The workers at Aloha Construction are very experienced. The company specializes in a few specific aspects of construction work. Among those fields are: roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window work. To begin with roofing, workers do an amazing job. Roofing is a daunting process that requires an enormous amount of attention to detail. Roofers at Aloha Construction perform a nine step process to ensure that they pick the right style of roof for your home. Doing, so they are able to make sure that your home will be safe and protected from damage. The next field that Aloha Construction workers specialize in is siding. Siding is another process that takes a lot of hard work and patience. It’s Facebook, And Siding is an essential aspect of your home. Siding not only serves the purpose of protecting your home, but it also gives it personality. Workers at this company have what it takes to do a quality siding job on your home. The next field that workers specialize in is gutter work. Without proper gutter routing, water builds up and damages your home. Specialists at Aloha Construction have what it takes to do a quality job and make sure your gutters properly expel water away from your home. Finally, workers within this company also have the experience to help you with door and window work. Whether you need a new one installed or an old one out, workers from Aloha construction can help you next time you are dealing with your doors and or windows. Not only has this company provided quality work for hundred of people, they have also impacted people in a different way. CEO of the company, Dave Farbaky, created his own foundation called the Dave Farbaky Foundation. Within this group, they perform charitable acts to help the less fortunate who are struggling with life.

Other Reference: https://www.houzz.com/pro/alohabuilds/aloha-construction