Fabletics refers to a fitness clothing company whose owner is Kate Hudson. Fabletics operates on a membership structure that is renewed monthly. When you become a VIP member, the first outfit you purchase will only cost $25 as well as get various discounts on a number of items in stock. There is no reason why you should not join as a VIP as nobody will coerce you into purchasing anything or paying any monthly fees. The major perk of becoming a VIP member of Fabletics is the guarantee of getting outfits chosen for you every month as well as getting to buy 2-3 piece outfits for only $49-$59. It is also possible to skip a month at no charge if you do not need to buy anything from the store.

Taking a Survey

Immediately after joining Fabletics, you should participate in a survey to establish the kind of workout and outfit styles that you prefer like carpris, tanks, shorts etc. Every new month will see the company pick out some workout clothing for you. The curated outfits will be based on your responses in the important survey you took part in at the beginning. If you are looking for a convenient and cost effective place to purchase your workout outfits every now and then, Fabletics would be an excellent choice. It is important to take part in the lifestyle quiz that will enable Fabletics to choose the most suitable gear for you.

Review of Fabletics

Fabletics deals in affordable and trendy athletic apparels via a monthly membership arrangement. New VIP members enjoy huge discounts on their first purchases probably to get their business. It is possible to get a whole workout outfit shipped to you for only $25. Why should you join as a VIP member? Well there are a few perks to enjoy as a VIP on Fabletics like buying 2-3 workout outfits valued at $100 for only $49.95. VIP members also get free shipping on their purchases.

How Does Fabletics Make Money?

VIP members should log into the site between every 1st and 5th day of every month to either make their selections and order or click on “skip this month” button if they are not interested in making a purchase. If they do not log in to do any of the above actions, then their accounts are credited with one outfit and a charge of $49.95 is applied. Members can skip as many months as they wish but when they do not, they will be charged a fee of $49.95 per month.