Designing one’s NY apartment can be quite a challenge. Many have the temptation to go all in the quest for comfortable living in small quarters. Richard Mishaan’s book “Artfully Modern” is a guide for ways to make a beautiful apartment without always going for the most expensive route.


Richard Mishaan Design dispells the notion that elegance is exclusively about how much you spend. Mishaan is of the view interior design is more about an eye for beauty. “Artfully Modern” juxtaposes limestone stair halls for Manhattan penthouses along with under $100 items. Richard Mishaan’s own Upper East Side condo features sofas he has owned for over 20 years. He shows good quality can last a lifetime.


“Artfully Modern” was written in the wake of the financial crisis. The feeling according to Richard Mishaan was that the well to do needed to regret much of their extravagant lifestyle. Mishaan shows there is a range of options one can have.


The utter genius shown by Richard Mishaan is his ability to mix different eras and styles. This is seen in the gallery of his work, the Mishaan household. In his East Side condo, one can see the mixture of modern artwork that takes comics and graffiti with a 16th-century mirror topped off with furniture from the 30s and 40s.


Above all, Richard Mishaan shows his passion for colors which he credits to his Columbian heritage. While still maintaining his family home in Cartagena, Colombia. He updated this 16th-century oasis to look like a boutique hotel. Each bedroom and bathroom have the same beds and sinks. However, his bedroom includes 11 paintings.


About Richard Mishaan


Richard Mishaan is a NY based designer with an eye for elegance. Born in Cartagena, raised in Italy, and built a career in New York, Mishaan has the story of an exotic character.


Mishaan has built a reputation of being the mix master. He combines classic aesthetics and a modern touch.