Sucess Academy was founded in 2006 and has become known as the biggest and highest-performing, public charter school that is located in New York City. The admission for Success Academy is opened to all the children in New York and that includes the students with special needs and also the English language learning students. A random lottery is held each April to chose the students that will be admitted to Success Academy.


The academy operates 46 different schools and is able to serve 15,500 students located in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. Success Academy is able to operate at a higher independence rate then zoned schools due to be authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute. This allows the schools more independence when it comes to students performances.


The founder and CEO of Success Academy is Eva Moskowitz. When she first started the academy she had two goals in mind. Those goals were to be able to open a school that is high-performing while continuing to improve the education of Americans.


The academy believes that there are way to many children across the country that are stuck in a school that doesn’t teach them how to read or write at the most basic level. That is where Success Academy comes in. Moskowitz formed the academy in hopes of becoming the solution to this problem.


Moskowitz has stated that one of the academy’s main focuses is to work on improving students literacy. That why when the new website was done the network’s THINK Literacy curriculum was launched. In a decade the network has been able to grow from being one school to becoming well over 40 schools. This has made the academy become larger than over 95 percent of school districts that are across the country.

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