Author Eric Lefkofsky has written a book to help all individuals within the world of business and technology. The book is inexpensive yet is worth all the money a person can make in their lifetime.

The book is called Accelerated Disruption. Relating to business people, this book explains why businesses have to keep up with all of the technological advances that occur on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. It details all of the businesses that have failed and how not keeping up with the technological advances caused these businesses to fail.

The book further details why business owners need to spend constant money on new technological advances, even if the amount of money exceeds their budget. Eric Lefkofsky even explains how the brain of a consumer works. He explains that consumers are drawn to businesses that keep up with technological advances and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky has lived by this principal in his own life for years, but enough business owners have been questioning him about it that he decided to put his ideas on paper. The book is filled with reviews from business owners of great organization. They explain how the details given by Eric have changed their life and their business. All of these business owners are alive and well today and can be contacted and this foundation of Website.

Relating to the world of technology, this book explain why companies producing new technology should not give up. Many technology companies close because the economy is getting worse and less people are buying their products/services. Lefkofsky believes that businesses everywhere are going to soon realize that technology advancement is the only thing that will cause them to be successful and what Eric Lefkofsky knows.

Accelerated Disruption explains to technology companies the exact field they should focus on. It also gives some tips and tricks regarding how to advertise and even how much money to charge for the use of their services.

Accelerated Disruption also contains many reviews from owners of large technology corporations, who can also be reached online or by phone. These individuals explain how they were on the verge of closing their doors for good. However, after gathering the information provided in Accelerated Disruption, these owners decided to stay open and give Lefkofsky’s methods a try. Upon doing so, these individuals began to observe an immediate increase in their sales.

Eric Lefkofsky has also stated that this book can be for anyone interested in how time and technology is going to change the world. He believes this book will help consumers as much as it will help business owners. This book can be purchased at bookstores everywhere or it can be downloaded online. Another great thing about Accelerated Disruption is that it contains Eric Lefkofsky’s contact information. He encourages anyone with this book to contact him with any questions they may have concerning his material. He cannot promise you that he will get back to you right away, but he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Eric Lefkofsky is considering writing another book, which will go into deeper detail regarding all of the categories that were touched upon in Accelerated Disruption. Since Accelerated Disruption was such a hit from the first day it was put on the market, Eric believes another segment would only boost his sales. However, he is not in this business for the sales; he is in this business to help people.

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