A joint project between London-based Premiere Oil, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas and Houston’s Talos Energy began drilling the well on May 21, as the premiere stated it in a statement. This is the initial offshore exploration well to be introduced by any other person other than the monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos. The Zama-1 well which is situated in the state of Tabasco holds an approximate 100 -500 million barrels of crude. The process of drilling can take up to 90 days to finish. The three organizations were overjoyed for succeeded the rights to the drilling back in the year 2015 and what Talos Energy knows.

The well will be closely watched by the industry since it’s the first well to be sunk in from the time Mexico allowed other companies to access its water, in line with its planned energy reforms. The construction of the basin indicates that the project has a high chance of success. In the entire Mexican market, the Zama is among the most fascinating exploration well to be drilled. This was according to the analyst, Charlie Sharp. Talos Energy LLC is a private oil and gas company which is mainly focused on acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties. It focuses its activities in the Gulf of Coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Talos is supported by funds associated with Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos management as well as Riverstone Holdings LLC and more information click here.

Talos Energy LLC announced that it fully owned subsidiary which is Talos Production LLC, and had finished the process of purchasing Energy Resource Technology ERT. Energy Resource Technology recently declared the success of Wang exploration well. It has encountered a little over 100 feet of the highest quality net oil in pay in the Phoenix Field which is located in Green Canyon. Talos Energy’s headquarters is based in Houston. Talos Energy has managed to acquire several corporations among them the Helix Energy. The deal for the acquisition was finalized in the year 2013 at the cost of approximately $620 million. Workplace Dynamics named Talos one of the best workplaces among small businesses and Talos’s lacrosse camp.