Few philanthropists throughout the history of the world can claim to be as effective as George Soros. Gaining a strong acumen for strategic thinking and seeing opportunities where others see nothing through his activities in the markets, Soros has been able to successfully make the transition from one of the greatest investors in the world to one of the world’s most formidable philanthropists. In fact, it’s not unfair to characterize Soros is having been able to weaponize philanthropy.

In the United States, progressives have no more formidable ally than George Soros. He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on progressive causes ranging from criminal justice reform to the election of progressive candidates to high office. In the 2004 and 2016 presidential campaigns, Soros became the single largest donor in U.S. history, with a combined total of $50 million being donated to democratic candidates. Although both of the candidates he backed lost, this large amount of money put towards democratic campaigns of these presidential candidates has partly obscured the fact that Soros has enjoyed huge wins in other areas of politics.

One such example was his recent unseating of long encumbent Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Soros was able to successfully back the opposing candidate, Paul Penzone, infusing his campaign with millions of dollars that he otherwise would not have had. This allowed Penzone to run vast numbers of television advertisements, internet advertisements and print advertisements, getting this message out and eventually setting the stage for the unseating of his opponent, who had been in the position of sheriff for more than 30 years and George’s lacrosse camp.

Soros also successfully backed many other candidacies throughout the South. One such example was that of Aramis Ayala, the first African American woman to run for district attorney anywhere in the state of Florida. In that race, Ayala was facing off against another long entrenched encumbent, Jeff Ashton. However, the political novice, Ayala, had no resources to speak of and a little support among the constituency of Orange County where she was running and movie produced by George Soros.

Through one of his philanthropic organizations, Soros was able to infuse the Ayala campaign with over $1 million, leading to the ability to run a constant barrage of attack ads against her opponent. Ultimately, the money made all of the difference. Ayala was able to unseat Ashton and win a landslide victory, surprising even the most well-informed experts and as Soros stated yesterday.

Through these campaigns, Soros hopes that the replacement of conservative and hardline law-and-order and people with progressive-minded candidates will eventually lead to the dramatic reform of the criminal justice system of the United States and his Twitter.

It is with efforts like these that Soros continues to prove that he is a formidable ally to the left.

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