Fabletics leverages the power crowd through purchases because Fabletics has a lot of great reviews from their customers and reviews are what the power crowd ultimately bases their purchasing decision on. The power crowd is what they call a group of customers who love a product enough to share their experience of the product by reviewing it for other potential customers to see. Many people today look at reviews about products to find out if a product is worth the price they will be paying and to see if the sizing of a product runs big, small, or is true to size. Today’s customers not only look for information about products before purchasing them but trust any reviews that they see about a product as if it was one of their close friends or a relative giving them a review of the product that they are interested in buying. A strong customer base with happy customers is what causes Fabletics to be one of the most successful companies out there.


Fabletics is now one of the most well-known companies on the market that sells athleisure clothing for women and it is all thanks to Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is an actress that had no background in business prior to Fabletics but has been able to make Fabletics a household name by having a body positive message for women everywhere to love the way that they look no matter what size or shape they are well wearing Fabletics clothing. Fabletics is now a $250 million company sense being founded in 2013. Kate Hudson is still to this day involved in the design process of Fabletics which is why the brand has continued to grow throughout the last couple years sense starting up.


Sense day one Fabletics main concern has been their customer service and keeping their customers happy and they have been able to succeed at doing so by always responding to customers concerns and questions no matter what it is that they are asking about or need help with. Despite being a businesswoman for Fabletics Kate Hudson will always be an actress also because as much as she loves Fabletics she also loves the art of being an actress. If you are interested in purchasing clothing from Fabletics be sure to check out their many different styles and clothing options but be sure to take the lifestyle quiz on their website to find the best gear for you.