Banyan Hill Publishing is a Florida based company which owns Profits Unlimited. The newsletter according to the publisher has more than 90,000 subscribers who have annual subscriptions. The newsletter is the work of Paul Mampilly whose readers are the Main Street Americans who mainly look for advice on how to improve their lives and also invest for retirement. Paul Mampilly who is the editor in chief has contributed to the newsletter’s positive growth compared to other publications whose subscription continue to reduce. Paul Mampilly’s success has been noticed even during financial hard times.The uniqueness of the topics in the newsletter have contributed to its growth and hence has been very profitable to Banyan Hill.

Paul Mampilly has targeted the Americans with little investment knowledge and because he is also an investor and a financial expert, he has given direct tips to the readers which are readily applicable. The tips also help those who are in business to perform better. Due to the decline in financial satisfaction in America, Paul Mampilly through the newsletter has given advice to the readers which eventually will restore confidence to both the current and upcoming investors. The subscription of the newsletter is cheaper compared to the rest and this helps in attracting new readers for both soft and hard copies. In his online platform, Mampilly provides annual stock information of his target buying list but offers monthly analysis of the market, and

Additionally, Mampilly looks for information from reliable source and this help him to set high and low buying and selling price targets for the readers. His experience in Wall Street and as a corporate portfolio manager with an above average financial performance has helped him to provide useful information to the newsletter. Mampilly joined Wall Street in 1991 when working with Bankers Trust but did not stay long before heading to Bank of Scotland. ING and Deutsche Banks in corporate ranks. Paul Mampilly steered Kinetic Asset Management’s hedge fund when it grew from $6 billion to $25billion the world’s best from Barron’s. It was at that time that Mampilly won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition which had stringent rules. His firm was given $50 million and managed to grow it to $88 million in a short time, and his Website.

Paul Mampilly lives in Durham North Carolina. He is a graduate in accounts and financing from Montclair State University New Jersey and an MBA from Fordham University. He is a frequent reader and a writer to various publications including Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited.