Roberto Santiago and Manaira Shopping: The Combination That Creates Business Growth

Roberto Santiago is one of the many leaders today who can offer the best services and programs to the world. In the age and market economy today, one leader stands out, and that is the businessman Roberto Santiago. There are so many articles you can read about Roberto today, but the one that stands one is the one from Exam Abril where it is reported that under Roberto Santiago’s leadership, the shopping centers in Joao Pessoa are not affected by the crisis in the shipping industry in the country.


Manaira Shopping Strength

There’s so much stuff going on in the economy in Brazil, and because the shopping industry in the country grew to around 6.5% in 2015, more changes will be expected from Brazil. This is not hard to imagine, knowing that there’s so much progress going on in the country. It is also common knowledge to know that the there’s now about a 150 billion of revenue in the country because of the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce).

You can also expect the same growth in the Paraiba, even amid the economic crisis in the area.


Roberto’s Contribution

It might be tempting to say that most of the 6.5% growth in the shopping industry in 2015 in Brazil has a lot to do with how businessmen like Roberto Santiago have contributed to the industry. However, the situation is more complicated than that. But, there’s no doubt that the Manaira Shopping being handled by Roberto Santiago is held responsible for the



The survey carried out by Abrasce, in partnership with the Urban Studies Group (GEU), is great news for the sector, which thus has more potential for development and innovation, which reflects in the good care given to the public. The census also pointed out that Brazil has 538 shopping centers today and that another 30 are in the final construction process, which shows the strength of the sector.


There were also reports released online about how the strength of the shopping malls today was showing signs of strength and growth. About 1 million people throughout Brazil are also being employed because of Manaira Shopping’s business growth. It may even be safe than in 2015, more than 54 thousand job openings were also released by Manaira shopping because of its successful operations


Another interesting thing that’s happening with Manaira shopping is the fact that its Northeast branch has been successful in becoming one of the largest malls in the region. It’s just behind Southeast Asia as one of the leading malls in the world. Also, it may be of interest for you to know that the State of Paraiba has been improved and has been growing because of the ventures of people like Roberto Santiago.



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