President Trump’s decision to rescind the federal policy allowing transgender students to use the school bathrooms that match their gender identity was met by Betsy DeVos with a polite public announcement. She showed no signs of an opposition to the decision of the Trump administration. She also called the earlier federal guidelines an overreach of the Obama administration.


Before this decision was accepted, however, Betsy DeVos met with a representative of the gay and transgender employees in the Educational Department to give them information on what was happening. This clearly showed her disapproval of the decision despite her public courtesy.


People who know Ms. DeVos throughout the years know that she is not as soft as she appears to be. Her determination is relentless, and she has unscrupulously used everything she has had to pass legislation that fit her causes and goals. In her own state of Michigan, she is known as a dangerous foe because of her unstoppable stamina in achieving what she intends.


Her position at the White House at the moment is shaky since she has no experience with Washington politics, President Trump, and no political connections in the area. In the argument for the transgender bathroom policy, she lost to the more experienced Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former senator with roots in Washington and a long-time advisor of Mr. Trump.


People expect her to make her way into greater authority in Washington as she is not to be underestimated. As an heir to an auto-parts company of her father and a wife to the Amway fortune successor, Betsy DeVos has had a great influence over the politics in her state. In particular, she has fought for decades to fund private charter schools and have vouchers with public funding for them.


Because of her effort, Detroit has the largest number of charter schools in the country. Many are not doing well, but the public school system in the city is even worse. Betsy DeVos fought with everything to stop public schools from succeeding. She believes that public schools undermine children’s capabilities and put teachers in an inactive position. She understands that public schools in the United States need a reform as they have fallen in standard to the schools in other developed countries.


Betsy DeVos had a rough start in Washington D.C. In the Senate confirmation hearings, she had unconfident answers on the topics of educational policy and federal law. Her statement about carrying guns at schools against grizzly bears has made her a target for the media. Even though she had this uneasy start, she succeeded the political post she now holds by a single percent. As for the media mockery of her interview, she simply shrugged it off and even made jokes about it herself.


In her first days in Washington, Betsy DeVos called the two major teacher’s unions representatives. Only one of them returned the call and agreed to visit schools together. Betsy DeVos has shown with all her actions that she is not afraid of opposition and knows how to play the game of politics. Learn more: