Doe Deere, Lime Crime & 21st Century Cosmetics

Cosmetics are some of the most popular products on the market today, and they have been for quite some time. This industry brings in billions of dollars every year thanks to its loyal fan base. Some of the biggest of names come from this exclusive line of work, which includes Almay, MAC, Maybelline, Sephora, Covergirl and others. These are all great brands, but they’re not as great as the new queen of the hill. That queen is known as Lime Crime, and it has set the precedent for brilliantly-bright makeup products. This company has only been around since 2008. It is the very definition of the word eclectic. Every color of the rainbow can be found here as well as the darkest of hues.


Russian-born Doe Deere is the captain of this successful ship, and she has used her very own personal style to turn this brand into a huge success. She has always had a passion for dazzling colors, but the industry just didn’t offer what she was looking for. Deere had found her personal niche inside of an already overcrowded genre. The Fashion Institute of Technology has also played a key role in the company’s success as Deere has also attended this iconic institution. During her years in New York City, Doe Deere had joined a band, attended a prestigious fashion institution as well as found love. Her short time in this New York style band had introduced her to who would now be her current husband. The two just seemed to click as they both shared each others interests. Most importantly, she has grown into a positive role model for younger women and girls.


Having the freedom to express yourself is the end-goal for Lime Crime. You don’t need to feel apologetic for expressing yourself, especially if it isn’t offending others. These are unisex products that men and women seem to love. Doe Deere has made it that way thanks to her very own good-hearted nature and Lime Crime is only the tip of the iceberg. Learn more:

The Jeremy Goldstein Difference

Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent and highly experienced corporate governance attorney has some advice on corporate benefits. More specifically, he gives the advantages and disadvantages of stock options used as benefits for employees. Many corporations and even their employees have been shying away from these types of benefits in lieu of something more financially stable, or at least tangible. These concerns are of course fueled by economic downturns over the years, which have rendered such benefits as useless. Many watched their 401k and other retirement accounts dwindle down to nothing. Jeremy Goldstein also notes that these types of traditional stock options and retirement investing tools create a burden on companies due to additional accounting costs from having to monitor the investments constantly.


Jeremy Goldstein provides a solution to this problem that would be more beneficial to both employers and employees. The proposed solution is known as a “knockout option.” This option allows employers to give stock options to employees providing the stock price stays within a certain range. Once the price drops below the range, it drops off and retains its sold value. Similar to “scalping,” the accounting burden is also reduced as the monitoring demands are reduced. The company is able to enjoy the benefits of providing stock options, such as increased employee loyalty and productivity. A full article is available on the blog site Jeremy Goldstein contributes to at


Jeremy Goldstein has many years experience in corporate governance, employee compensation, and other issues dealing with corporate benefits of executives and employees. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates and has well over a decade and a half of experience in corporate law. Graduating from the New York University School of Law with distinction, Goldstein’s educational attainment also includes a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in the arts. Being a well-rounded attorney, he’s taken on such corporate giants as AT&T, as well as many other technology companies and even large retailers. He gladly shares his wealth of knowledge not only on legal blogs but also with academic contributions to Harvard University among others. Jeremy Goldstein sets himself apart from the crowd and brings a special human element to a seemingly tough business.


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How Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited helps investors

Banyan Hill Publishing is a Florida based company which owns Profits Unlimited. The newsletter according to the publisher has more than 90,000 subscribers who have annual subscriptions. The newsletter is the work of Paul Mampilly whose readers are the Main Street Americans who mainly look for advice on how to improve their lives and also invest for retirement. Paul Mampilly who is the editor in chief has contributed to the newsletter’s positive growth compared to other publications whose subscription continue to reduce. Paul Mampilly’s success has been noticed even during financial hard times.The uniqueness of the topics in the newsletter have contributed to its growth and hence has been very profitable to Banyan Hill.

Paul Mampilly has targeted the Americans with little investment knowledge and because he is also an investor and a financial expert, he has given direct tips to the readers which are readily applicable. The tips also help those who are in business to perform better. Due to the decline in financial satisfaction in America, Paul Mampilly through the newsletter has given advice to the readers which eventually will restore confidence to both the current and upcoming investors. The subscription of the newsletter is cheaper compared to the rest and this helps in attracting new readers for both soft and hard copies. In his online platform, Mampilly provides annual stock information of his target buying list but offers monthly analysis of the market, and

Additionally, Mampilly looks for information from reliable source and this help him to set high and low buying and selling price targets for the readers. His experience in Wall Street and as a corporate portfolio manager with an above average financial performance has helped him to provide useful information to the newsletter. Mampilly joined Wall Street in 1991 when working with Bankers Trust but did not stay long before heading to Bank of Scotland. ING and Deutsche Banks in corporate ranks. Paul Mampilly steered Kinetic Asset Management’s hedge fund when it grew from $6 billion to $25billion the world’s best from Barron’s. It was at that time that Mampilly won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition which had stringent rules. His firm was given $50 million and managed to grow it to $88 million in a short time, and his Website.

Paul Mampilly lives in Durham North Carolina. He is a graduate in accounts and financing from Montclair State University New Jersey and an MBA from Fordham University. He is a frequent reader and a writer to various publications including Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited.