How Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited helps investors

Banyan Hill Publishing is a Florida based company which owns Profits Unlimited. The newsletter according to the publisher has more than 90,000 subscribers who have annual subscriptions. The newsletter is the work of Paul Mampilly whose readers are the Main Street Americans who mainly look for advice on how to improve their lives and also invest for retirement. Paul Mampilly who is the editor in chief has contributed to the newsletter’s positive growth compared to other publications whose subscription continue to reduce. Paul Mampilly’s success has been noticed even during financial hard times.The uniqueness of the topics in the newsletter have contributed to its growth and hence has been very profitable to Banyan Hill.

Paul Mampilly has targeted the Americans with little investment knowledge and because he is also an investor and a financial expert, he has given direct tips to the readers which are readily applicable. The tips also help those who are in business to perform better. Due to the decline in financial satisfaction in America, Paul Mampilly through the newsletter has given advice to the readers which eventually will restore confidence to both the current and upcoming investors. The subscription of the newsletter is cheaper compared to the rest and this helps in attracting new readers for both soft and hard copies. In his online platform, Mampilly provides annual stock information of his target buying list but offers monthly analysis of the market, and

Additionally, Mampilly looks for information from reliable source and this help him to set high and low buying and selling price targets for the readers. His experience in Wall Street and as a corporate portfolio manager with an above average financial performance has helped him to provide useful information to the newsletter. Mampilly joined Wall Street in 1991 when working with Bankers Trust but did not stay long before heading to Bank of Scotland. ING and Deutsche Banks in corporate ranks. Paul Mampilly steered Kinetic Asset Management’s hedge fund when it grew from $6 billion to $25billion the world’s best from Barron’s. It was at that time that Mampilly won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition which had stringent rules. His firm was given $50 million and managed to grow it to $88 million in a short time, and his Website.

Paul Mampilly lives in Durham North Carolina. He is a graduate in accounts and financing from Montclair State University New Jersey and an MBA from Fordham University. He is a frequent reader and a writer to various publications including Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited.

Adam Milstein the Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Family Man

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native. He is in the business of investing in real estate, leading and contributing to the needs and wants of the community. During the Yom Kippur War he served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). In 1978, Adam Milstein was a graduate of the Technion, and came to the United States in 1981.

Adam Milstein then attended USC to earn his MBA degree so he could begin his career in the Southern California region in the field Commercial Real Estate in 1983.

Adam Milstein is currently a employed by a privately owned real estate investing firm, called Hager Pacific Properties, as their Managing Partner.

He is current chair of the organization Israeli-American-Council, in which he co-founded. He also is on the board of several other organizations to which he shows support, such as: The Israeli on Campus Coalition; StandWithUs; Hasbara Fellowships; Jewish Funders Network; AISH Los Angeles; AIPAC National Council; and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israeli. Together with his wife Gila, they created the “SifriyatPijamaB’America”, a group which helps to provide free books in Hebrew to more than 15,000 Israeli=Jewish=American Families in the United States.

Adam had the idea for Hager Pacific Properties during the time after earning his MBA in entrepreneurship; there were many companies seeking to hire him, however, they were not willing to pay him what he was worth, They were offering undergraduate students more money. That is when he decided he would go off on his own as a broker of real estate and three successful years later co-created the Hager investment firm, with his partner, David Hager, and

Adam believes that the best part of being an entrepreneur is also being a philanthropist; he gets a lot our of each day-to-day experience of helping people within his community. He also enjoys his free time with his wife and kids, believing that no matter what else happens, family is still the most important of all, and

George Soros proves that he is a force to be reckoned with

Few philanthropists throughout the history of the world can claim to be as effective as George Soros. Gaining a strong acumen for strategic thinking and seeing opportunities where others see nothing through his activities in the markets, Soros has been able to successfully make the transition from one of the greatest investors in the world to one of the world’s most formidable philanthropists. In fact, it’s not unfair to characterize Soros is having been able to weaponize philanthropy.

In the United States, progressives have no more formidable ally than George Soros. He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on progressive causes ranging from criminal justice reform to the election of progressive candidates to high office. In the 2004 and 2016 presidential campaigns, Soros became the single largest donor in U.S. history, with a combined total of $50 million being donated to democratic candidates. Although both of the candidates he backed lost, this large amount of money put towards democratic campaigns of these presidential candidates has partly obscured the fact that Soros has enjoyed huge wins in other areas of politics.

One such example was his recent unseating of long encumbent Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Soros was able to successfully back the opposing candidate, Paul Penzone, infusing his campaign with millions of dollars that he otherwise would not have had. This allowed Penzone to run vast numbers of television advertisements, internet advertisements and print advertisements, getting this message out and eventually setting the stage for the unseating of his opponent, who had been in the position of sheriff for more than 30 years and George’s lacrosse camp.

Soros also successfully backed many other candidacies throughout the South. One such example was that of Aramis Ayala, the first African American woman to run for district attorney anywhere in the state of Florida. In that race, Ayala was facing off against another long entrenched encumbent, Jeff Ashton. However, the political novice, Ayala, had no resources to speak of and a little support among the constituency of Orange County where she was running and movie produced by George Soros.

Through one of his philanthropic organizations, Soros was able to infuse the Ayala campaign with over $1 million, leading to the ability to run a constant barrage of attack ads against her opponent. Ultimately, the money made all of the difference. Ayala was able to unseat Ashton and win a landslide victory, surprising even the most well-informed experts and as Soros stated yesterday.

Through these campaigns, Soros hopes that the replacement of conservative and hardline law-and-order and people with progressive-minded candidates will eventually lead to the dramatic reform of the criminal justice system of the United States and his Twitter.

It is with efforts like these that Soros continues to prove that he is a formidable ally to the left.

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