Hussain Sajwani Learned Early To Work Hard

When Hussain Sajwani was growing up his entrepreneurial father made him work long hours after school in the family variety store, where Chinese imports, office products and gifts were sold. Sajwani swore that the would never go into business for himself, but that he would go to university, get a degree, and work regular hours as a professional.


He did achieve the receipt of a scholarship to the University of Washington in the United States where he earned an engineering degree. He then went back to his home country of Dubai where he landed a job as an engineer in the oil and gas industry.


Soon, however he ran into opportunities and soon found himself running and operating a company that catered food to the US Army during the Desert Storm wars in Kuwait and Iraq, where he was very successful financially.


In 2002, Sajwnai formed DAMAC Properties in anticipation of the UAE allowing foreign nationals to immigrate permanently to the UAE. Armed with that information the DAMAC owner begin building apartment projects in order to capitalize on what he considered to be a coming real estate boom. And he was not wrong, as he sold out completely his first project before the construction was even started.


Sajwani’s unique marketing methods got lots of attention and were instrumental in getting people to look at and purchase his properties. Slogan’s such as “A Bently With Every Apartment” got lots of attention and sales.


Sajwani has also been very successful because of his conservative business tactics. He always pays cash for his land up front so that there will never be any possibility that he could have any foreclosure. He finances a very small portion of the construction for the same reasons. His properties are always of the very highest quality featuring some of the world’s most renowned architect and interior designers.


He has partnered with Donald Trump by having Trump golf courses designed by Tiger Woods installed in some of his resorts. Hussain Sajwani family members also have key posts in the business. One of his sons is the General Manager of operations. Family members involved in the business assures its stability and longevity.


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