Securus Technologies Finding Contraband in the Prison

Each time that a prison inmate gets their hands on illegal contraband, they put the entire prison population in danger. Not only are other inmates at risk, me and my fellow officers could be hurt in the line of duty. This why we spend so much of our day looking for contraband and trying to discover new ways to stay one step ahead of the inmates efforts. Even if I worked 10 hour days for a full week, these inmates are in the jail twice as long as me and they are actively looking for weaknesses they can exploit.


One of the resources we discovered we could use with our cell inspections and body searches was the inmate call monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies. Utilized in 2,600 jails around the country, this system helps officers to detect unique chatter on the calls so they can take swift action. CEO Richard Smith has one objective, making our world safer.


During the first week that we began using the Securus Technologies call monitoring system, we had some real eye-opening experiences. The software began to almost immediately pick up chatter from a number of inmates who were talking with people on the outside about bringing special packages to the visitor center. These inmates must have had a long history of success, so we began paying closer attention to their interactions and quickly discovered many new ways they were getting the drugs they wanted into their cells.


After a few weeks, we had secured more contraband than all of last year from uncovering techniques the inmates were using to gain access to those items. The team at Securus Technologies has been instrumental in helping us to clean up our prison and make it a safer environment for anyone behind the walls.


Bob Reina: He Is Showing People The Right Way

Bob Reina is a person of value, truth, and coming through for the people out there that use Talk Fusion. That is why he is such an inspiration to so many other people out there, and it is also a big reason why he is so admired in his field. Each and every time, he comes through and he does disappoint. That is not easy to do, but Bob Reina has never and will never believe in taking the easy way out on things. He knows the old-school American values and he believes in them. People can see that he started Talk Fusion in 2007, and they can see how far it has come in those ten years. Learn more:


Bob Reina is always aware and that is one of the missing ingredients in today’s society. People are only aware of themselves and what is going on in their little bubble. They do not have the capacity to see outside of their own bubble and what is going on with them. Bob Reina is aware of other people and aware of what they are going through in their lives. He does this by asking questions and by truly getting to know what people want and what people need out of life.


He found out, soon enough, people were interested in working from home, having freedom, and spending time with their family. That is how Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, came to life. It was there for people that were looking to work from home. It is great to work in an environment where someone can relax, take it easy, yet they can still make a living. There is an old expression and it is true: work smarter not harder. It also ties into freedom. When people have the freedom to set their own hours, they work smarter. A lot of people are night owls and do their best work at night. Learn more:


As far as family, it is the most important thing in life and people enjoy the fact they never have to miss a milestone event ever again. They can be there right in person. Learn more:



Samuel Strauch: An Innovative Leader Impacting The Real Estate Market

Samual Strauch is well regarded among his constituents and blog followers alike as one of the most innovative and passionate entrepreneurs in Miami and Latin American countries. He has a commanding presence in the real-estate market and has helped to catapult the economy forward through his insightful strategic business acumen.

Strauch is the founder and owner of several real estate firms. He established Metrik Real Estate in 2002 and Affinity Real Estate in 2007 in Miami, Florida. Having first kicked-off his career in the banking industry, Samuel merged with his family’s real-estate business. His ventures have made a lasting impression with prominent growth. He has an uncanny knack for real estate and knowing what will flourish. He invests heavily in getting to know his clients dreams and passions. In this way, he is able to forge the needs with the wants and bring about the fruition of those goals. Samuel Strauch indicates he gets great satisfaction out of helping people find their ideal homes where they can start a family and augment their lives.

Strauche’s forte lies within real estate equity sourcing, acquisitions, expansion, administration, and brokerage. He earned a business degree from Harvard and his International business degree from Erasmus University and has extensive knowledge in International Finance and Marketing. One of the reasons Samuel Strauch is so effective in his field may be due to the fact that he has a motivated and committed team that works synergistically to bring about client satisfaction and goals. Through his guidance he has established remarkable growth throughout Miami and Latin America.

On a personal note, Samuel Strauch has an ardent skill and passion for photography and art. His inquisitive nature lends an esoteric view into his photographic works. His blog site where he posts his compositions is quite captivating and features shots from his many interesting travels. Strauch has a conviction that all people should use their gifts and abilities to positively impact their environment no matter how big or small that is, as it all counts for good. Samuel Strauch is a well-respected bloom where planted kind of guy!

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